Sharatchandra: My Favourite Author

I have read all the works by Sharatchandra, my favourite author. That includes all novels, short stories, plays, letters, essays, unfinished works, most of which I had read in school years. I remember getting শ্রীকান্ত, all four parts, a collection that I had already read, as a prize in a cultural programme in my para for my score in Madhaymik. Whatever I was yet to read, I completed reading in the first two years of college. By the third year in my college, I had already read শ্রীকান্ত 4 times, পথের দাবী 3 times, all his novels and short stories at least twice - with the exception of গৃহদাহ which I fully read only once, a fact that can be attributed to its huge volume, but did go back to it again and again, reading parts of it.

I remember reading Sharatchandra all the time. My teen years were full of his novels. Every vacation I would read his works, again and again. I have been out of touch for years though. Today I stumbled across a Facebook group I had created years ago. I invite all fans of the great author to join the group.

Sharatchandra Facebook group

Don’t Go with the Trend

You must be aware of the Mashable trend, they run headlines like 10 things you must know about the iPhone 5. The style has caught on with the rest of the web too. There are websites which run stories titled 100 things you must do before you die. 20 great shows to watch. 50 must read books. Then there is 50 things women like to see in men. 10 places to visit before you die, stuff like that. People make Facebook a horrible experience with sharing all these links. In real life too! I met people who swear by these things, shows how shallow they actually are. The other day someone shared a post - 10 reasons why you should travel alone. I hope one of them was “you can fart in peace.” There is this guardian article, worth a read, which basically asks: why follow a to-do list, that is created by someone else, in your personal life?

Sherlock Season 3

Eye candy cinematography as usual. How they edit the video is really amazing. The stunning camera work, the way the scenes quickly change from one focus to another or how Sherlock’s thought waves appear on screen, it is always a visual delight. The first episode The Empty Hearse was mostly catching up with Sherlock after two years rather than solving new mysteries. There are several versions of the jump which try to explain the ‘death. But I found it very dragging. Where is the razor-sharp Sherlock gone? His theatrics in the train carriage was intolerable.

Update: After watching the second episode The Sign of Three, I can only say the franchise is hitting new lows. This is not Sherlock!

Update: Episode 3 His Last Vow started rather well. Sherlock’s mind palace was better portrayed this time. Too much footage of his parents was a no-brainer. Come on, this is not a family show. By the end, I felt I was watching a Bond movie. And did anybody miss the enormous plot loophole? Could Moffat not come up with a story logical enough in two years! Now that season 4 is very much likely, I want the arrogant, disdainful Sherlock back.


Serious Tibetan stuff - a mindblowing experience!

I absolutely loved the setting of the place - cosy and informal, small two seater tables with little cushioned stools. There is no AC but the drone of the ceiling fan and the whirl of the pedestal add to the charm of the place. You can sit as long as you wish. I shared a plate of Chicken Shyapta with my friend, which was quite good. Then we had a plate of steamed chicken momos each. The momo-s were simply out of the world! The red chilli sauce is not for the weak in heart, but my partner in crime seemed to enjoy it quite a lot!

‘Life is What You Make It’ by Preeti Shenoy

I read a short novel called Life is What You Make It by Preeti Shenoy. It can be categorized in the Chetan Bhagat genre of novels as in the main character goes to college and there are the joys and throes of youth, the tribulations of career, love and romance. But the book is beyond that, it delivers a strong message. It reminds us that mental illnesses are to be considered as any other physical illness. There is a full branch of medicine dedicated to that. In India, there is not enough awareness about psychiatric illnesses and the patients are socially stigmatized. One has to understand that just like any other disease, a psychiatric disorder can manifest at any time without prior notice, it is never in the control of the person. The story is also about hope and determination. I was deeply moved several times while reading. It was is a gift from two years ago, I am glad I finally read it.

REVIEW: Wise Owl

The best cafe in town, may be not so much for the food, but surely for the classy atmosphere. Very laidback and delayed waiting which is good for the conversationists. The place is always packed with a long waiting queue in the evening. Menu offers great variety and prices are really low. According to my statistician friend Arijit Sarkar, what would cost 350 here would make a staggering bill of 1700 at Starbucks. They use Twinnings tea-bags in their teas. If coffee is your thing, have the wise owl special cappuccino. You must avoid the lemon iced tea which has lost its earlier zing and tastes very bitter these days. The muffins are always great. They have stopped selling the cookies, a regret. A good indulgence would be the ‘Avalanche’, a big bowl of chocolate mousse and vanilla ice cream with a dash of chocolate sauce. They serve great breakfast too. One must place the order by 11 am as they are quite strict with the time.

Mrs. Magpie - A Land from the Fairy Tales

From the food to the interior, everything is eye-candy. Very warm atmosphere. Great Darjeeling tea that is served in a beautiful glass tea-pot. Bite sized eatables - perfect to keep the conversation going! The miniloafs and teacakes taste amazing and go great with the tea. For those with a sweet tooth, there is an array of cupcakes.

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